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Android Android 4.4 and up New
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September 21, 2023
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New Update 2023:

Aha! You wanna enjoy all the premium resources of Mobile Legends in just a single click? Lemme introduce you the most the greatest of all time. FOXY MODZ is a Mod Apk file that enables players to inject all or unlock ML Skins, Hacks, maps, and more premium content in the game.

Download this remarkable tool on your devices to get rid of paying money for items in the game, Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game is a type of online game, you need the internet to play the game. If you fight against opponents to win the royal battle. It is simply a game of survival.

The player can only survive in the game if they are experienced, expert, and skilled. Yet the importance of premium items Update is not deniable, rather these are actual keys to survive in the game. Because of these items you can fight and win the game over opponents.

Foxy Modz MLBB:

Keep playing the game till the end, and always keep your hopes high with this remarkable injector as it welcomes your enemies with ever-seen hacks in video games online. Look good when you overcome your worries in the online game. Just this package of tools will help you a lot in the game. No doubt the latest version Foxy Modz MLBB V5.3 is the most challenging game so far for the players to win against players who are experienced and well-equipped with premium resources.


Premium items like skins, hacks, drone view, Emblem, and Heroes are not free of cost. You can purchase them which are costly. It is an alternative way to unlock these premium elements, charging no fee. It is a tool that requires Android devices to function perfectly and smoothly.  If you are also a player who lacks premium items in the game, then download this extraordinary tool for yourself.

To give a clear and transparent picture of the application we have written down the features along with a brief explanation of each premium item below. Each features its own specialty which cannot be ignored.

You can benefit from aiming flame shots and combo skills. The camera has advanced technology up to 6X. The menu is full of newly added premium key items, like ESP Line, Esp Box, Esp Hero Name, Esp Health, and Esp Cooldown. Foxy Modz Ml No Ban New Update 2023 v4.6 old version gives a taste of its aiming skills for targeting and attacking your enemies.

The Menu ESP Monster:

  • Round
  • Box
  • Location
  • All Monster

The ESP Player Menu:

You can customize basic features with the help of the ESP Player Menu.

  • ESP Lining
  • ESP Boxing
  • ESP Hero naming
  • ESP Health and more


This feature gives an edge to old players of MLBB over the newly joined players of the game. It basically increases the stats of the players in the game automatically. It looks so much easier with such features.

ML Skins:

If you would like to download the tool, you will find dozens of Ml-painted skins for your characters. The most famous skins are:

  • Assassin
  • Tiger
  • Mage
  • Fighter
  • Support

Drone View:

Well, you need something special to keep an eye on your enemies. You would really prefer drone views in the game to locate your enemies and destroy them on the spot. It takes years for players to become players. Fortunately, you have the right tool to make you a superhero just in a couple of days.

Map Hacks:

This feature is now unlocked. It permits you to find the locations where your enemies stay in the game and search for your target in an online game.

Auto Aim:

This button will aim at your opponent automatically so that it will never ever miss a target. Hit hard at your opponents in online gaming.


FAQ 1: Is Safe to Download Foxy Modz Mlbb Anti-Ban?

There should be no doubt that Foxy Modz ML Download is from a third-party applications site. You can use it at your own risk, we have provided the knowledge. It is totally up to you whether you want to use the tool or not. Modz v5.3 gives you an unfair victory over other players in the game. You can rely on each key feature without a doubt.

Other features:

Below are the basic features:

  • Free of cost
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • It requires an Android device
  • No errors are popping up.
  • No bugs


Players will enable the all features by bypassing the difficult levels, when they progress they will be leveled up and rewarded with some premium features. Keep in mind that it is a third-party application that requires Android devices to perform its functions smoothly. It is a tool that unlocks the premium items in the ML game free of cost. It depends on the player whether he/she is interested in availing of the services.

You see the Foxy Modz Download at the top of the page. Click to download. After the download timer, click the first green download button. It will be downloaded in a few seconds.

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